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                      July/ 06

Born - Sept. 14, 2004

Sire - CPeruvian Aldo 110         Dam - CPeruvian Nannette 1071

Registration - CLAA -   # 30905       ARI-  # 1085839

Histogram - results to be entered soon 

Show Ring Results - shown twice    3rd place @ Odyssey Show @ Northlands on April2/06

This little gal had a rough start to life.  During the last 3 weeks before birth, her Mom had 'something' going on.  She was super uncomfortable, laying around with little appetite.  Anytime I checked her- the cria seemed to be in the same position - like she was stuck.  What a worry that time was!

Sachet was born about 16 days before her due date.  Very bright, healthy little gal- but - her left back leg & hip area were 'flared' out.  It took about a week for all to settle & look normal.  She received Vit. A & D shots every couple of months to help strengthen the muscles & bone.  At times, she still has a little pivot in the area of her fetlock/foot.

Nannette did her best for a month - with vet. intervention- but died.  Autopsy showed that she had a very large abscess in her belly.  So little Sachet was an orphan.  Super friends - Leanne & Kevin Sept- took her home & cared for her that winter.  She did very well under their loving help.

We chuckled when they brought her home - on the back seat in their extended cab.  Kevin opened the door.  Sachet sat there, looking about.  "Come on - get out!"  She jumped out & through the gate.  We followed her in & she went right up to Whyte Out.  What a memory!  Not being home for over 5 months, 25 + females in the paddock & she found her surrogote milk supply first thing! 

Whyte Out had been a surprise that fall.  There were about 6-7 cria born between Sept 14 & Nov.1.  Often I would see another nursing from Whyte Out.  One night there were 3 at once!  Of course the camera was in the house.

Sachet actually has done well for her rough start.  She was easy to train to halter & lead.  Granddaughter - Tabby Rose- took over at the Futurity show in Red Deer in 2006 - when Tabby sat down - Sachet would cush beside her - up Tabby got & Sachet was standing right next to her. 

Sachet had an AJAX (an Alpamayo grandson) female in July/07!  WHITE!  SOFT!  Shalette!

July 28/08  Arrival of a nice white female!  Shavonnette!  Sire is a GIOVANNI - Vengador descendant.     Sachet has now been bred to a grey fellow!  Figured would try a colored sire this time around -after 2 white from white fellows.  So July/09 will be interesting.