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Yarn - Rovings - Socks - Thrumb kits - Felt - Raw Fleeces - Sweaters & more!



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Alpaca produces one of the top 4 exclusive fibres of the world. In ancient times- under the Inca leaders, this commodity was only used for the Royalty of their civilization.

There is no lanolin on alpaca fibres. The fibre shafts have a ‘scale’ on them, but it is elongated & much softer than the scales found on wool. Many people who are allergic to wool, are able to wear alpaca garments without experiencing the ‘scratch’ or ‘prickle’ factor. Alpaca is classes as hypoallergenic.

Alpaca has a moisture resistance quality- a wicking property.

It is strong & wears well.

Alpacas are shorn once a year in the spring. This allows for enough fibre re-growth to protect them during the winters & the fibre harvested will be an ideal length to work with.

       Varied items can be made from alpaca - it can be spun, felted, knit, woven, crocheted, tatted, or made into rovings & batts for quilts or pillows. Sweaters, vests, dresses, coats, quilts, duvets, slippers, scarves, ponchos, shawls, mitts, gloves, dog beds, hats, touques, used as decorative accents & many more inventive articles can be created! Yarn has been spun into many different plies & colors. White alpaca fibre dyes very well, but other natural shades have been over-dyed to most unique hues.

              .   on a grey felt sheet. 

You may contact me to purchase some of the above.  Yarn is $15.00/ 100 grams for grades 3-4.  Lower grades - 1 & 2 are $18.00 or $20.00/ 100 gms.

4 basic touque styles

Touques made with 4-6 ply alpaca yarn.  Fancy touques have 1 strand of boa or fun fur or eyelash yarn added.

PRICES - $30.00 to $45.00 Canadian   Shipping & handling paid by buyer.

Scarves - PRICE - $30 - $90 varies with design/yarn used.

80% alpaca 20% nylon.                 PRICE - $27- 32.00/pair.

left pair with terry foot      middle pair - terry   right pair with cable design   white pair - terry ladies ankle socks

70% alpaca 19% mohair 11% spandex

left 2 pair are ladies in different designs     right pair are mens        PRICE - $26.75/pair

85% alpaca 15% nylon    

Terry socks    Grey   M - L - XL                         PRICE - $32.00/pair

Door draft cylinders for sale - $10.00 each.

Also -  $8.00/pair

Ask about sweaters as stock varies.

Thrumb mitt kits - $30.00

TO order - please contact me --


The pink & blue cones of yarn were made from raw fibre that was washed & dyed at home prior to being taken to the mill for processing into yarn.  I have some done on cones & some made into skeins - this depends on whether I wish to create product by hand or knitting machine.

Violet (granddaughter) & I worked hard in July & Aug/07 to sort & clean a goodly amount of fibre.  Plus getting enough dyed for processing!  I ended up with over 71 #s of yarn & 17 #s of felt & lots of batting for quilts & duvets. 

This order was processed by Twisted Sisters & Company Fibre Mill at Rollyview, Alberta.  They did a super job!  Check the LINKS page.

During 2008 I received requests for raw fibre.  A couple of spinning wheel gals contacted me.  So now, my first priority after shearing is to get their orders filled.  So far this year - that is 75#s! 

I was also working on getting some dyed 'cranberry'.  The color chosen by my son's bride for their wedding.  I wanted to wear a crochetd ALPACA shawl for the event.  CRANBERRY?  I did many a practice skein - not to be - I was told it is a very difficult color to create.  SO - the shawl was done in black.  All commented that it was a super choice.  Photo of me wearing it at the wedding on the Geneaology page!

If you have any requests for raw fleeces- just ask!