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Born: July 8, 2003

Sire- Tell Hot Shot        Dam- CPeruvian Nannette 1071

Registration ARI-  # 1343656          CLAA-  # 27875

Histogram- 2004- M- 20.42  SD- 5.49  CV- 26.9  CF- 95  Curve- 53.9 deg/mm

                       2005- M- 25.12  SD- 6.34  CV- 25.3  CF- 83.1  Curve- 50.4 deg/mm 

Show Ring Results- This area has had some of a rollercoaster outcome.  Some judges apparently do not like 'spots'! -even in the 'FANCY' classes.  In his first show, he was put in the grey category.  Placed 4th, but was told by Julio Sumar that he would have been first, if it had been a fancy class!  Rats!  Oh- well.

Amanda Vanden Bosch placed him in first place at the Northlands show Nov./04 (photo on 'Contact Me' page)  As we walked into the ring, she said "He looks just like a leopard!"  She mentioned that his fleece was a 'cottage industries dream' due to it's unique color & quality.  I have finally found a spinner who is willing to work his fleece into yarn!   

See 'Out Spot' - first SS cria!  Born June 2/06!  Under 'The Boys'    Also - Alldonna with I.V. & Zoltanna with Jigsaw under 'The Girls'   AND another daughter on July 17th/08!  Now she does have the appy look!!! 

SS's fleece really needs to be hand spun to gain the complete effect of the different hues it portrays.  Having it processed in a mill would blend all the shades together- missing it's 'one of a kind' features.  I am awaiting a hand spinner's results with his  first 2 fleeces! She is lettting them 'talk' to her.  Likely his cria fleece will spun into a lace weight.  Should be interesting to see the outcome!  Exciting. 

Secret Service was the first appaloosa colored cria to arrive for Tell Hot Shot. 

 Here, he is with another of Hot Shot's appys!  Panthera's on the left.

Chores were done that morning & I'd just gone in the house.  Glancing up I saw one of the girls run across the paddock.  Something's going on. 

I could hardly believe that Nannette's babe had arrived.  He was trotting along beside Mom.  Then I got a good look at him & started to laugh at all his spots!  He has provided many a chuckle since.

"SS" is a very stocky male- compact as can be.  He is full of personality & strength.

He is my 'conversation' boy.  Generates many comments.

His fleece is most exceptional.  What you see on the outside is not totally what is inside.  There are grey fibres, brown fibres & more down there!  The staple is long, with a bolder crimp & a nice sheen to it.  Handle plus throughout it's density.  As seen in the above photos - his 'spot' coloration stays the same after shearing.

Figured I would see if he wanted to breed just before his 2nd birthday.  Put him in with Whyte Out - they looked at each other & proceeded to eat grass.  Humm - next step.  En Garde was added to the pen.  Down went Whyte Out.  AND the light bulb went on brightly for SS.  Over he went & climbed on just in front of En Garde! 


.  Motley - July 17/08  Now this was a surprise - Giggles is one of those girls who loves to be a Mom!  We weren't sure who the sire was - DNA will verify - but with the coloring - there is no question!  Kinda neat that SS is throwing some appaloosa colored cria as his 2 girls from 2007 were solid Bay Black & Brown!

 Motley & Dusty Feb/09