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                                             May/06 full fleece

Born- April 7, 2002

Sire- Peruvian Condor (white)                           Dam - Royal Country Dream (med. fawn)

Registration- CLAA # 26077

Histogram - May 22/03  M-21.95  SD-5.78  CV- 26.3  Comfort Factor-91.8%

              May/05  M- 26.99  SD- 6.71  CV- 24.9  Comfort Factor- 74%  Curve-47.4.deg/mm     

Show Ring Winnings- to be added-has won some ribbons

Can be classed as a rose grey - does have white fibres throughout his fleece.

Mannheim is a unique fellow.  He has a solid frame throughout - so typical of a Caligula grandson! 

He did not like the process of halter training!  What a hoot!  I generally rub their necks & tell them they are good/give praise.  Discovered it all went better with just the praise - no touching!  Has learned to tolerate being checked over as he knows it will not take a long time!

Fibre plus on this boy!  His annual staple length averages 160 mms! - 6 inches!