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                   Zoltanna -July 7/07


                                                                                                                                             Born - May 24, 2005

Sire - Ridgewave (black)                                   Dam - Lace Corsage (black/white-pinto)  

Registration - CLAA # 30901

Histogram - results to be entered soon

Show Ring Results - shown twice - although she did not win a ribbon, the judge (Jane McLennan/Colorado), kept Jigsaw in the ring because of her fibre fineness & the brightness through her long staple.  It was her suggestion to breed Jigsaw to Secret Service!  Jigsaw got a 4th place in her 2nd show.

Jigsaw's name arose from the unique markings on her face!

Ridgewave has given her decent density over her dam & the brightness is definitely there.  Pleased with her post shearing re-growth! 

Well!  Zoltanna arrived on 07/07/07!!!  Nice gal with sheen!  Impressed with her fibre at this early stage.  So now I have a good idea that SS throws brown with dark gals!

Jigsaw was a joy to halter train!  Took no time at all.  She seemed to wait for each session.  Was kinda cute as she has been some of a momma's girl.

Awaiting her 2010 cria later this summer.  Stud is grey!