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Born - January 1, 1995 in the Allianza region of Peru.     died - winter of 2011 - 2012 at at least 17 years of age

Sire -  unknown                              Dam - unknown

Registration - CLAA - # 14820     ARI- # 806169

ALDO adds lots of density to his offspring as his fleece is one of the thickest around.  He has a partially colored palate & has thrown color with colored dams-light fawns through to bay black/black.  A person is pretty sure of a white with a white from this fellow.  AND white they are! 

His conformation displays strong bones & frame.  He has very good stature. 

This macho is extremely good natured & this is passed on to his progeny along with his fibre traits.

Very few of his offspring are dual registered & to date are only in Canada.  Many have done extremely well in the show ring, such as "Candyman" taking Supreme Grand Champion on April 2, 2006 at the A.L.P.A.C.A. Odyseey Show in Edmonton.  Candyman's full sister - Alicoyo- also did great in the show ring.  Both are pure white.  Candyman & Alicoyo are owned by Darcy & Vance Rycroft of Birchleaf Alpacas in Grovedale, Alberta (See - )